THE LAHORE LOG: 'Perpetual enemies'

The trouble started with the Raymond Davis affair in February last year, plumbed new depths with the US Navy Seal raid to kill OBL in Abbottabad in May and hit rock bottom with the Salala incident last November.

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Dieu eet weez l’Aseef and vouz bose weel be heureux l’nation d’entire, hain ji.

Jouste d’onte taille anyounne zat Nouveaux Shareef pout eau up tu it.

‘Latter fi khidmat al wazir-e-azam al-Pakistan. Subject: al-opposition far sake of al-opposition. Ya brother. Awal, yani fust, a few words about basant, tehwar al- Hind fi also Muslimeen haza shaukeen w’al Lahore fi Kasur.

Al-basant al-tahwar al-qadeem, yani paanch saat hazaar saal qabl Masih fi Awami Jamhooriya-e- Cheen.

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Informez vouz l’presidente Eau B’ama when eau c’est him.

Jouste d’onte taille anyounne zat Nouveaux Shareef pout eau up tu it.’ O river! Nouveaux Shareef.

Guidebooks are rather dismissive about the state of conservation at Knydos. But I loved the careless masonry jumble. The place reeked of antiquity and I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Odysseus sailing in to moor his ship among the sleek modern yachts anchored in the harbour.

Our villa was one of just three converted houses in Sogüt.

A recent statement by the army chief, General Kayani, stressing the need for all institutions of the state not to transgress the limits of their constitutional authority, however ironic in view of the repeated culpability of the military on this score, is aimed at stabilising the government.

The US must reciprocate in order to break the deadlock with Pakistan. It should agree to a more acceptable ‘management’ of the drone programme.

The elected government is unwilling to incur public wrath in an election year simply to appease the US, notwithstanding its obvious transactional losses in the shape of bilateral budgetary grants, multilateral balance of payments support (especially from the IMF), and Coalition Support Funds, weapons and spares for the military.

After two hours we climbed a final mountain pass, then descended potholed hairpin bends to a pebble strand where we drew up beside our villa, just 10ft from the sea’s edge. In the morning we could see what a magical place it was.

Ancient beauty: The ramshackle ruins of Knydos, the remains of an Hellenic city, overlook a harbour at the tip of the beautiful Datca penninsula

All vous probleme weel fin. Allez rememboire zees.

Jouste d’onte taille anyounne zat Nouveaux Shareef pout eau up tu it. Alternatif, next choix. Sans needs oxygene. Puttez ze off aire conditionaire in zis ‘eat, c’est killeur.

Turkish delight: Stepping back in time on the charming Lycian coast

By Stephen Venables

This was the rural Turkey I remembered from my travels 30 years earlier. The Muslim women in their head scarves and baggy trousers still drove the cattle to drinking holes each morning and evening; goats still scavenged among the almond trees.

I could have stayed happily in the village all week.

On another day Edmond and I drove over to Marmaris to meet Julie from the UK who, with her Turkish husband, runs the Alternatif Outdoor company.

We chose canyoning and were taken to the Gölgeli mountains, north of Marmaris, to follow a series of river pools. The canyon, set deep among the gunluk trees – whose sap is tapped to make a perfume, was beautiful, with a succession of waterfalls and pools to dive into.

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