happy hour

chicken wings 8
1 lb of wings with bbq sauce

crunchy spring rolls 5
stuffed with tofu, veggies

mini pho 5
phở bo, phở ga,
or phở chay

tempura prawns 2.75 / pc
black tiger king prawns, sweet ’n’ sour squid sauce

satay skewers 3 / pc
chicken, beef, or prawn

saigon poutine 9
fries, cheese curds, gravy, spring onion, sesame seeds

sharing + starters

crunchy spring rolls
stuffed with carrot, taro, mushroom, onion, glass noodles
• stuffed with shrimp 9.5
• stuffed with minced pork, shrimp, spring onions 9
• stuffed with tofu, veggies

rice paper wraps
stuffed with rice noodles, carrot, herbs, cucumber
• prawns, pork, fish sauce 10.5
• chicken, avocado, homemade hoisin sauce 9.5
• fried tofu, avocado, peanut sauce 8.5

saigon poutine 12
fries, cheese curds, gravy, spring onion, sesame seeds

chicken wings 14.5
1 lb of wings with bbq or fish sauce

tempura prawns 15
6 black tiger king prawns, sweet ’n’ sour squid sauce

satay platter 22
2 chicken skewers, 2 beef skewers, 1 prawn skewer

appetizer platter 24
prawn & pork rice paper wrap, crunchy pork spring roll, bbq chicken wings, papaya mango salad

vegan appetizer platter 20
tofu rice paper wrap, papaya mango salad, tofu spring roll, tofu sausage

phở bò 17
beef carpaccio, bean sprouts, onion

phở chay 14
tofu, onion, mushroom, bean sprouts

saigon curry noodles 24
fillet of salmon (served medium), seasonal vegetables, quảng noodles

saigon hoisin noodles 26
duck breast (served medium), seasonal vegetables, hủ tiếu noodle

beef stew 24
baby carrot, potato, with rice or bread

vegan curry 21
tofu, seasonal vegetables, jasmine rice, red curry

moules frites 24
creamy lemongrass broth, crunchy fries, spicy mayo

grilled snapper 28
bok choi, king oyster mushrooms, jasmine rice, beurre vert

veal medallions 27
mashed potato, grilled zucchini, cherry tomato, peppercorn sauce

duck fillet 32
duck breast, sautéed vegetables, jasmine rice, cranberry-frangelico sauce

jasmine rice 4

fries 5

mashed potato 5

brussel sprouts 5

dark chocolate cake 8
lemongrass-infused, berry coulis

crème brûlée 9