Gate Valves – RFS Hydraulics

They’re especially useful in wastewater applications the place corrosion is an important challenge. So, along with the butterfly valve flange type design optimised for slurry media, it is beneficial to have a knife fabricated from acid-proof stainless steel as this makes it less vulnerable to damages brought on by corrosion and as a consequence it wants much less frequent maintenance or even substitute.

Quartz crystals’ most recognizable utility is in wristwatches, however they’re also used in many kinds of electronic gadgets corresponding to cell phones, cameras, camcorders, printers and video screens. Petersen pegs quartz crystals as a $3.5 billion enterprise, accounting for around 10 billion quartz crystals produced yearly. He expects the growth of wireless communications to drive that number up.

What sounded like the world’s worst spec-fic pickup line was actually a final-minute request I put out to Virgin Hyperloop. The Richard Branson-backed firm wants to shake up the future of transport by sending excessive-tech pods zooming via airless tubes at speeds of as much as 670 miles an hour. To show it is possible, Virgin has constructed a prototype “Devloop” tube within the Nevada desert, just exterior Las Vegas, and i wished to have a look. Others go to Vegas for the tables, I go for the tubes.

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