Curtiss-Wright Valve Group

At Curtiss Wright Valve Division, you’ll find varied products suited to a variety of industrial functions. Our vary of valves contains Butterfly Valves, Changeover Valves, Examine Valves, Control Valves, Directional Management Valves, Engineering Providers, Engineering Software, wedge gate valve manufacturers Valves, Globe Valves, Plug Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Strainers and Instrumentation Gear.

ERI® plus and EROX® plus penstocks are shut-off and control valves. ERI has a closed body design and EROX has an open or closed body design, both series are for wall-mounting. The penstocks are appropriate for use in wastewater functions, water therapy plants, in stormwater retention basins, industrial sewage remedy plants, and in flood and harm protection.

A cease-test valve is a verify valve with override management to cease move regardless of movement route or strain. Along with closing in response to backflow or inadequate ahead pressure (regular examine-valve behavior), it may also be deliberately shut by an external mechanism, thereby preventing any movement no matter ahead strain.

The wave generator uses a 100-horsepower pump, a 200-horsepower pump and a 300-horsepower pump. Every pump has a motor at the top, which spins a protracted drive shaft. The drive shaft extends down by a pipe, to a propeller positioned thirteen ft (4 m) underwater. When the drive shaft spins, it rotates the propeller, which drives water upward by means of the pipe (in the identical way a spinning fan drives air ahead).

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